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11. Policy Forum: Studying Eyewitness Investigations in the Field / Dawes, Robyn ; Jacoby, Larry L. ; Kahneman, Daniel ; Lempert, Richard ; et al
Published in DASH:1/4454187:
External link: Download fulltextDASH:1/4454187
12. Effects of Perceived Cocaine Availability on Subjective and Objective Responses to the Drug / Karlsgodt, Katherine H ; Rott, David ; Lukas, Scott E. ; Yamamoto, Rinah Tikvah ; et al
Published in DASH:1/4454186:
External link: Download fulltextDASH:1/4454186
13. Population Genomic Inferences from Sparse High-Throughput Sequencing of Two Populations of Drosophila melanogaster / Kulathinal, Rob J. ; Bergman, Casey M. ; Quinlan, Aaron R. ; Dopman, Erik B. ; et al
Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Published in DASH:1/4454185:
External link: Download fulltextDASH:1/4454185
14. Automated MRI Measures Identify Individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease / Desikan, Rahul S. ; Cabral, Howard J. ; Hess, Christopher P. ; Dillon, William P. ; et al
Published in DASH:1/4460802:
External link: Download fulltextDASH:1/4460802
15. Measurement of the Salt-Dependent Stabilization of Partially Open DNA by Escherichia coli SSB Protein / Hatch, K. ; Danilowicz, Claudia ; Coljee, Vincent William ; Prentiss, Mara
Published in DASH:1/4454184:
External link: Download fulltextDASH:1/4454184
16. A Model for Genetic and Epigenetic Regulatory Networks Identifies Rare Pathways for Transcription Factor Induced Pluripotency / Artyomov, Maxim N. ; Chakraborty, Arup K. ; Meissner, Alexander
Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology
Published in DASH:1/4454183:
External link: Download fulltextDASH:1/4454183
17. The cdx Genes and Retinoic Acid Control the Positioning and Segmentation of the Zebrafish Pronephros / Selleck, Rori ; Song, Huai-Dong ; Song, Anhua ; Thisse, Bernard ; et al
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Published in DASH:1/4461125:
External link: Download fulltextDASH:1/4461125
18. Calcium Dynamics During Fertilization in C. elegans / Hengartner, Michael O ; Aravinthan, Samuel ; Murthy, Venkatesh N.
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Published in DASH:1/4454182:
External link: Download fulltextDASH:1/4454182
19. Cross-National Analysis of the Associations among Mental Disorders and Suicidal Behavior: Findings from the WHO World Mental Health Surveys / Angermeyer, Matthias ; Beautrais, Annette ; Borges, Guilherme ; Bromet, Evelyn ; et al
Published in DASH:1/4461123:
External link: Download fulltextDASH:1/4461123
20. Peptide Inhibitors of Dengue-Virus Entry Target a Late-Stage Fusion Intermediate / Schmidt, Aaron Gregory ; Yang, Priscilla ; Harrison, Stephen C.
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Published in DASH:1/4460803:
External link: Download fulltextDASH:1/4460803

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